There is so much “stuff” out there. Stuff to read, to watch, to listen to, to learn and to do and it’s all forced through multiple streams down to our devices quickly in search of clicks  – hundreds and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, apps, clothes, booze, food, shops, bars, restaurants, youtube and Vimeo videos, Instagram posts and snaps.

Our Editor curates the best of what we find, some of it new, some worth resurfacing. he’ll let you know why we think it’s worth your time. We can help fill your commute, your waiting time or your free time with something worth delving into. We send it to you once a week, via email.

Once a month we step aside and let someone else curate our newsletter. We reach out and find an expert in their respective field and let them loose on sending you the things that make them tick to give you an insight into the mind of others. Whether it’s a magazine editor, art director, radio presenter, musician, entrepreneur, sportsperson or craftsman you’ll find a whole host of things recommended each month by our guest editor.



How we make money/Disclosure:

We use affiliate services on many of the links we provide so sometimes if you follow a link and buy something or even browse certain sites, we might get a cut or percentage from the place you bought or subscribed from. This won’t cost you anything, it’s the shops/services that pay us. We also provide a few adverts within the newsletter – these are clearly marked as adverts when they are shown. On some occasions, a company might send us something to review or use. It will only appear in a newsletter if it is something we really like and think it’s worth your time. Just because somebody sent us something doesn’t mean it will appear (hey that’s what ads are for!)

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